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Rajel Bronfman
Multidisciplinary artist

רחל ברונפמן

A multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Argentina, lives and works in Netanya. Works as an independent artist in the field of drawing, engraving and painting.

Draws with very professional technical skills and intuitive compositional understanding. Its colors and textures are light pastels The language of the painting is similar to the painters of the "abstract lyrical current" of Israeli artists: Streichman, Zaritzky and Steimatzky.

Member of the Netanya Omni Association and a member of the Herzliya Omni Association.

Creates, presents and participates in group engraving and painting exhibitions for over two decades.


2002 - Won the Netanya Mayor Award for Outstanding Artist

Solo exhibitions

2019 - Solo exhibition and launch of an artist's book "This is how my morning begins" , Zehza Gallery Tel Aviv Port

2014 - Solo exhibition " Fabric Stories" at the Yosef Zaritzky Artists' House, Tel Aviv

2007 - A solo exhibition "Disappearing" at the Galerina Gallery in Bat Shlomo

2003 - Solo exhibition " Moments" at the Gallery on the Cliff, Netanya

International exhibitions

2020 - soroptimist international of Europe - virtual exhibition "Women - the pillar of society "

2020 - yo creo "   , gallery caja 1/1 Buenoes Aires "

2015 - first annual "on paper" , international printmaking in Barcelona

Group exhibitions

2019 - Exhibition " My Brother " at the Netanya Municipal Gallery "On the Cliff", curated by Shefat Amir

2017 - Netanya Artists Group Exhibition, " Lonely "

2015 - The Green House Gallery, Tel Aviv University Club   “Art art 4

2014 - A group exhibition of Netanya artists, " Bereishit" at the Gallery on the Cliff, Netanya

2013 - "Landscapes" at the Art Gallery in Netanya City Hall

2013 - Group curatorial exhibition at the Al 'Tzuk Gallery, Netanya

2013 - Another print at the Municipal Gallery in Jerusalem

2013 - Exhibition at the upper gallery at the Opera House, the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

2012 - Other printers "Together and Apart" at the Tel Aviv Artists' House

2012 - Other print artists "Engravings" at the Council Gallery and Engineering at the Netanya City Hall

2011 - Mono Chrome at the Council Gallery and the Engineering Gallery at Netanya City Hall

2010 - Artists Print "Rehovot in Print" at the Rehovot Artists House

2010 - Prints exhibition Tribute to Louise Bourgeois at the Meyerhoff Center for Tel Aviv Art Education

2010 - Manny Print Another " Group Album" at Beit Gabriel on the Sea of ​​Galilee

2009 - Exhibition " Lines" Engraving and Print Artists at the Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Art Gallery

2009 - instituto Cervantes Artists Print Another Tribute to Federico Lorca in Tel Aviv

2007 - Other print artists at the Netanya City Council Gallery

2006 - Exhibition of Print Artists by "The Bible House" , Tel Aviv

2005 - Tel Aviv Exhibition , Beit Ariela,

2005 - The " Disengagement" exhibition at the Netanya Municipal Gallery "On the Cliff"

2005 - Curator exhibition " Wieseltier no longer lives here" at the Netanya Municipal Gallery "On the Cliff"

2005 - Another print artists "hmkra Bhdfs" Bible Museum

2004 - Artists print after "Lines in Words" White Hand Ness Ziona

2003 - Autumn Salon Exhibition

2002 - Exhibition A Thousand Acres Netanya Municipal Gallery 'on Htzok'

2002 - An annual exhibition "Freedom in Art" at the Netanya Municipal Gallery "On the Cliff",

In it, she won the Netanya Mayor's Award for Artist Outstanding

2002 - Olive Leaf Peace Exhibition

2002 - Exhibition of a group of other print artists at the Netanya Hall of Culture

2002 - Exhibition New York, NY Bngb" Joe Alon Center in the Negev

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